Civil Law

Civil law encompasses a wide variety of legal issues from personal injury to credit card collections or defenses, defective products, breach of contract and many more.

As the economy continues to struggle, I see more and more collection suits filed by banks and credit card companies to offset the huge losses they have experienced over the past few years.  Most of these suits can be defended and settled without trial.

Homeowner’s complaints over defective or improper construction are another area where there is considerable litigation.  Texas has consumer protection laws that provide for remedies including damages, attorney’s fees and costs of court.  The breadth of this area of law is so large that it would be impossible to fully discuss all aspects of it here.  If you feel that you have been treated unfairly or damaged by the conduct of another, you should seek legal advice immediately as there are statutes of limitation which could bar your suit if it is not timely filed.

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